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While we do our best to update the site quickly, all items on this page are subject to prior sale.

We have only ONE of each item on this page!

Vintage 1.

Kelly green huckcloth towel with yellow embroidery. 24 by 18 inches.



Vintage 2.

4 assorted vintage doilies.



Vintage 3.

6 small doilies.



Vintage 4.

Small older vintage woven piece. It does have a circle mark right in the middle.



Vintage 5.

Feedsack towel, print is faded but still cute. 37 by 35 inches.



Vintage 6.

Small linen tablecloth, it is a pale green. Made in Italy. It has a discolored area where a small tag was. 23 by 24 inches.



Vintage 7.

Cute vintage linen towel, the pattern repeats on both ends. Seems unused. 15.5 by 30.5 inches.



Vintage 8.

Vintage woven Mexican style runner. It is wool and well made with a tight weave. It has some issues, some moth holes/thinning, an area with a grey mark, and some color running into the lighter stripes from the darker ones. I did not try to clean it. 17.5 by 39 inches (plus fringe). I think this is an older piece and is nice despite the issues.



Vintage 9.

Linen print towel, still has original tag ("Prints Charming") attached. 30 by 16.



Vintage 10.

Two linen napkins with lace on one corner. 10 by 10 inches.



Vintage 11.

Piece with openwork, yellow embroidery. 20 inches long, small hole.



Vintage 12.

Small pink tablecloth with printed flowers on the corners. It is a brighter pink than it looks here. It is a soft rayon-blend fabric. 42 by 42 inches.



Vintage 13.

Vintage cotton, floral curtain. It comes with 4 little metal clips attached. 47 by 67 inches. Waverly fabric. It weighs 1 pound, 1 ounce.



Vintage 14.

2 vintage potholders.



Vintage 15.

6 vintage doilies with the same pattern. Some have marks.



Vintage 16.

Doily with 3-D work.



Vintage 17.

Small cotton tablecloth or towel with amazing colors, very bright. Fringed edge. 34 by 37 inches. Looks unused.



Vintage 18.

Cute towel with colored stripes. 22 by 29 inches.



Vintage 19.

Cute linen runner with embroidery. 11.5 by 35 inches. A bit yellowed on spots.



Vintage 20.

2 cute vintage napkins with embroidery. 11 by 12 inches.



Vintage 21.

Cute small black tablecloth. It has an Asian style embroidery in one corner and a green embroidered border. 33 by 33 inches. It does have some fading.



Vintage 22.

Six panels of older vintage curtains. Thinner cotton fabric with a very pretty flower and bird print and a fringe trim. I would guess these are from the 30s or earlier? Two panels are valances and are 44 by 11 inches. Four pieces are long and skinny panels and are 86 by 15 inches. There is some color transfer of the pink color onto the lighter parts of the fabric but it's not terrible. Interesting old textile pieces. These weigh 1 pound.



Vintage 23.

Cute gingham piece with embroidery, it says "take a" and a chair. Ruffled edge. Very cute. Grey-blue and white. 19 by 19 inches. Some small marks.



Vintage 24.

6 handtowels with applique/embroidery. 18 by 11 inches.



Vintage 25.

Set of 8 small pieces with embroidered people on them. Four are white and four are orange. About 7 by 6 inches.



Vintage 26.

Small pillowcase, may be feedsack. 15 by 21 inches.



Vintage 27.

Oval shaped linen piece with open work embroidery. Pretty flowers. 25.5 inches long. Some light marks.



Vintage 28.

Pair of vintage pillowcases with embroidery and rick rack trim. Super cute. They are yellowed. Standard size. They weigh 9 ounces.



Vintage 29.

Small linen tablecloth piece. It has some tiny brown spots here and there is some wear on the corners. 23 by 23 inches.



Vintage 30.

Dishtowel or small tablecloth. Green stitches on border and an applique lantern. 37 by 38 inches.



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