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Ordering and Shipping Information.

By placing an order on this site, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the terms of service laid out on this page.

Payment methods accepted.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, and checks/money orders (US only). If you choose money order, you will be contacted by us with payment information. We do not accept Paypal. You may also call with your order if you prefer, check the contact page for the number.

We do not accept checks/money orders from countries other than the US. Please do not choose this option if you live outside the US.

Billing Address.
If you are using a credit card for payment, the correct BILLLING address for the cart MUST be entered into the cart. This does not have to be the shipping address, but we need the correct billing address or we cannot process your order. The billing address for the credit card is the address that the bill for the card is sent to. If the correct billing address is not provided, your order may be cancelled.

3 Digit Code.
If you pay with a credit card, the 3 digit code on the back of your card is a required field. If the code you enter does not match the card you use, your order may be cancelled.

Privacy Information.
We will, in no way/shape/form, share any info you provide to me via this website or via email. Your email address, mailing address, and credit card info ain't goin' nowhere, honey, so rest assured. Your phone number, on the other hand ... we just use that to call you so we can chat about Johnny in homeroom. He's dreamy. Just kidding. Your phone number is not a required entry.

Email Address.
Please provide a valid email address. This address is used only for order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and to contact you in case there is a problem with your credit card or order. Orders that do not provide a valid email address may be cancelled.

Mailing List.
Visit this page to subscribe to the list.

Shipping Methods and Information.
We ship via the USPS. Price of shipping depends on the weight of what you order and where you live. See below for more info on rates.

If a package is returned to us because we were provided with a faulty address, we will re-ship at your expense only or refund your order price minus shipping. Please double-check you address before you submit your order.

Expedited shipping is available, please ask when you place your order and we will contact you with rates. Overnight mail is NOT always guarenteed the next day, please contact us for more information.

Shipping and Tax Rates.
Shipping rates are determined by weight of package, not the amount you spend. Minimum shipping/handling is $4.50.

The 3 options for shipping are first class, priority, and parcel post. When you check out, you will have these three options of how you would like your package shipped.

-First Class. If your order is small or you think it would weigh less than a pound, try this option first for the cheapest rate. First class takes about 2-7 days.
-Parcel Post. This method is most economical in packages weighing more than one pound. Parcel post can take up to a week to arrive but has been known to take longer, so don't choose this method if you are in a hurry.
-Priority. Priority mail takes about 2-3 days to most locations. Insurance is included up to $50.00.

The USPS has flat rate priority mailers and we will use them whenever we can if it saves you money on shipping.

On top of the shipping amount, the cart will also add a 50 cent "processing fee" to your order. Because the cart figures the shipping based only on the weight of the items you purchase, the 50 cents is added to account for the weight of the box and the packaging material, and other handling-type fees.

Nebraska residents will have 7% tax added to their order.

More on Shipping Rates.
If the shopping cart comes up with some crazy high shipping rate, don't fret OR send us mean emails (they make us cry). The cart is configured to calculate shipping by weight, not amount spent. This can be complicated to get correct, so all orders are reviewed before your card is charged and your shipping rate may be lowered.

Honestly. We are not out to make a buck on shipping and we have no intention of gouging you. If the rate seems too high, it may be, and we will lower it to the correct amount before we process your card. The system we use calculates shipping more fairly then if we had blanket rates by how much you spend, so we appreciate your understanding of this system.
Email me with any questions or to get an estimate before you order.

When you check out, there will be a question on the order form asking if you would like to have additional insurance added to your order. Insurance is included on priority mail ONLY, and only for up to $50.00.

Insurance is an additional charge and must be requested. We are not responsible for orders sent uninsured. Many orders will have delivery confirmation on them at our expense, but insurance must be requested and we will add the price on to your order before we process your card.

Insurance beyond the first $50 in value can be added and the cost depends on the amount required.

We reserve the right to require insurance on any order.

Shipping/Handling Times.
Most orders leave us within 3 business days of when they are placed. First Class via the post office is usually about 2-7 days to get to you, and priority mail averages about 2-3 days. Parcel post has been know to take up to 3 weeks to the coasts, so select this method at your own risk.

We do not ship on Saturdays, nor on any days when the Post Office is closed (national holidays).

International Shipping.
We do ship internationally (outside of the US) but please be aware that postage can be very high.

When you check out, you will be given the option of first class air mail or priority air mail. First class is cheaper but will take longer to get to you. International shipping can take up to 8 weeks to get to you. We will not consider a package "lost" until 8 weeks from the shipping date.

In order for your package to be insured, it MUST be shipped via priority mail. We will not re-ship lost packages unless insurance was purchased, so please request insurance if you are worried about your package getting to you.

We will use the international flat rate mailers whenever possible to save you money.

WE DO NOT SHIP TO NIGERIA. No exceptions. We also reserve the right to refuse service to any other overseas customers, for any reason, at our discretion.

Customs Information.
For international orders, we are required to attach a customs form to the package outlining the contents and value of the package. You may be responsible for customs fees on any package sent to you from the US. If you ask us to mark a low value to avoid paying customs fees, we are NOT responsible for the package once it is shipped. Insurance for international packages must be requested at the time of order and we are also NOT responsible for packages sent uninsured. Email us with any questions about shipping internationally.

Manto Fev does accept returns, except on items that are special ordered for you. You may contact us for more information. Items must be received in saleable condition. Credit will be given on a future purchase or in the method in which the order was paid for. Any shipping amounts cannot be refunded. Items that are defective due to a manufacturer's error and not through the fault of Manto Fev may be returned, but only for store credit or replacement if possible.

Sale Items. 
Quantities limited to what we have on hand. On most sale items, once we sell out, the item will not be offered again at the sale price and is generally being discontinued. If we special order a sale item for you, the original price of the item will apply, not the sale price.

Sale prices may not apply on past purchases.

Sale items are NON-RETURNABLE.

Special Requests.
On the shopping cart, when you check out, there is a space for writing special requests applying to the items you have ordered. If you ask for a special request that we are not able to fill, we will assume that a substitute is acceptable. If you ONLY want the item if we can fill the special request, you MUST state this when you order, or we will make substitutes if we are not able to fill a special request.

Sold Out Items.
If the website says something is sold out, we probably have more coming at some time in the future. Please don't pee your pants, just email us and ask when we expect more to arrive. If we don't have any on order yet, we will order more for you, just let us know what your timeframe is.

You are able to add any sold out items to your cart. You must, however, tell us on your order if you want them backordered (shipped separately) or if you want your order held until the sold out item arrives back in stock. If you do not tell us which you prefer, the sold out item will be removed from your order before we process it.

Our "back stock" capacity here is minimal, so we often have short supplies of some items. For this reason, occasionally we have to backorder an item from your order. We will contact you if the amount of items is large. Some backordered items will ship free of charge, and some will have actual shipping charges added.

If we are out of something that we do not plan on re-ordering shortly, we may remove it from your order and not charge you for it at that time. Please reorder those items at a later time. We will mark these changes clearly on your order so you know if something has been cancelled or backordered.

The backorder policy does not apply to international orders due to shipping costs. Out of stock items will be dealt with on an individual basis for these customers.

Special Orders and Wish List.
We love to do special orders and look for special items for you. Examples of things that would be considered special order: special papers, adhesives, specific items from companies, etc. Special orders may require one of the following: partial or entire pre-payment, and/or additional postage fees. If you need an item for a special event, please try to give us as much time in advance as possible to order it for you.

Special order items, especially in large quantities, are NOT returnable. Please buy a sample if you are not sure an item will work.

Wish List items are vintage finds or one of a kind items you might be looking for that we can try and help you locate. For example- vintage postcards of bears, road maps from Texas; that kind of thing. We go to a lot of estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores, and we will try and find whatever it is you are looking for!

There are some things we am able to get quantity discounts on, and pass those discounts on to you. So if you need a large quantity of a certain item, please email us to ask about special ordering it for you.

Production Runs.
Manto Fev does not recommend that you use any products on this site to create production runs or collections of jewelry. Many items are available in limited quantities and future availability is not guaranteed.

Manto Fev reserves the right to refuse service for reasons including, but not limited to: non-payment of past orders, failure to reply to emails, or providing false information on orders. We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion, for any reason.

We do not sell wholesale.

Listen to the man! All images and text on this website are copyrighted. All artwork not credited is done by Sara Hopp, and all other artwork is copyrighted by the artist named. Please don't steal from our website in any way, it makes us cry. Items themselves purchased from this site are not copyrighted unless indicated on the item (ie- new, packaged items).

Yes, but we think we are done now. If you have any questions or there is something we didn't cover, please email me. Thanks!

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