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The Chairdogs. A very important job filled by 1 very important dog (and 3 in spirit).

The newest VID, Dixie!

Oh, hai.

Dixie is the "new" dog, we got her in March of 2009 when she was about one. She is a big girl, a border collie mix.

Dixie has a heart under her chin and spots on her legs. She loves to play ball and guard the neighborhood from her perch on the stairs. She has a lot of energy but loves mostly just to be with us.


Yes, I'm too smart for you.

Aw. Sisters.

VID in Spirit, Stella


Stella was our first puppy. Her cattle dog herding instincts kept us all on our toes. She was a scruffy little jerk but we loved her just the same.

Stella Lou passed away at the age of nearly 15 after sudden onset blindness became too much. She was worn out and ready to join her sisters at the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Stella, April 2003-Dec 2017

VID in Spirit, Dollie


Dollie the Collie (mix) was a great dog. She fit right into our family at the age of 8 and she was a joy to have.

Dollie passed away on 8 December 2008. She had many tumors and did not survive surgery to remove them. We had her only 14 months, but she is greatly missed.

RIP Dollie 1999-2008

VID in Spirit, Cookie.

We got Cookie from the Humane Society when she was 2. She was a very special girl- full of life and always ready to try something new.

Cookie passed away on 1 October 2007 from a tumor on her heart. We weren't ready to let her go. She will be greatly missed.

RIP Cookie 1999-2007




The Official Manto Fev Mascot Poem

by Libby Jones.

The Manto Fev Song

Manto Fev, Manto Fev,
a package from them will save the day!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev,
the neatest stuff is on the way!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev,
Sara is the caped crusader of paper
Sara is the keeper of funny little things
together they will make your heart go pitter patter
make your collecting little spirit sing!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev
They really know how to brighten your day!
Manto Fev, Manto Fev
Once you go there, you will want to stay!


Manto Fev = love.



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