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Paper Categories

Book pages

  • page 1, foreign language and travel
  • page 2, reference and interesting texts
  • page 3, special packets
  • page 4, children's books

Vintage Ephemera

  • page 1, items from other lands (some new, some vintage)
  • page 2, vintage store items and handwritten items
  • page 3, variety of vintage paper items
  • page 4, vintage labels- pharmacy and general
  • page 5, vintage labels- labels from products
  • page 6, vintage game cards and pieces
  • page 7, unique playing cards
  • page 8, vintage flash cards and other kid's stuff

New Paper Items

  • page 1, new ephemera type items
  • page 2, packaged items, including stickers
  • page 3, fun paper flowers
  • page 4, German Dresden paper foils
  • page 5, vintage style scrap sheets

Decorative paper

  • page 1, decorative papers for collage and more
Also, visit our Flea Market section for lots of unique vintage paper items.


Returns/Legal Information

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