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Miscellaneous Embellishments page 1, metal items


5029. Clips.

Metal pins clips with an unusual shape. You will get assorted colors.

10 clips for $1.00




4994. Tiny Metal Hangers.

If you have some tiny clothes that need hanging, we've got you covered. Wire hangers are a mere. 1.25 inches wide.

3 hangers for $1.00




4979. Tiny Metal Bows.

Silver colored metal bows. The back is flat so they could be glued down. A mere 3/8th inch across.

5 bows for $1.00




4810. Aluminum Roses.

Small aluminum metal roses in various colors. They do have a hole down in the center. About 3/8th inch wide. You will get an assortment of colors.

20 flowers for $1.00




4948. Film Canisters.

Gather round, children, and learn about the distant past, when there was such a thing as FILM when you wanted to take a picture. In the even MORE distant past, that film was stored in metal canisters!

Anyway. Here are some of those vintage 1960's (-ish) metal film canisters. About 1.75 inches high, most are pretty beat up, and some have labels. Great for storing all of your other little metal bits!

$3.00 each





4045. Pewter Nameplates.

Metal nameplates in pewter color. 2.625 inches long.

60 cents each

sale 2 for $1.00




4782. Brass Nameplates.

Metal nameplate made from brass. 2.5 inches long.

75 cents each




4772. Brass Propellers.

Cute little brass propellers for all your tiny brass airplanes. Or your art. Whatever. About 7/8th inch across.

3 pieces for $1.00




4702. Vintage Enamel Shields.

Small vintage enamel shields from Europe. These are gold or silver metal with bright colors. About 1/2 inch high. They have no loop but one could be glued on. Fun pieces for a vintage style charm bracelet! No special requests, please.

$1.00 each

sale 85 cents each




4674. Rhinestone Buckle.

Pretty round metal slide buckles with shiny rhinestones. These are new and measure 13/16th inch.

$3.00 each

sale $2.00 each




4471. Vintage Swim Medals.

Fun vintage swimming medals from the 1960-70's. These all have a red, white and blue ribbon top with a pin on the back. The color of the medal varies (gold, silver, bronze) as well as the image, some have one swimmer and some have two. The finish on most of the medals is worn and some of the pins have some corrosion. Interesting vintage find! Entire piece about 2.75 inches high.

$2.00 each

sale $1.00 each




4305. French Wire.

Thin wire is coiled into a narrow spiral, giving this wire a great sparkle and shine. Choose from 10 colors (not all shown in the photo). You will get 3 pieces, each will be at least 12 inches long and most are longer than that.

3 pieces for $1.00

sale 6 pieces for $1.00




4294. Assorted Vintage Pen Nibs.

Vintage pen nibs in a wide variety of shapes. Those shown are just examples, you will get a variety. A few are gold, but most are silver. A few are used, but most are unused. Sizes range, about 1-1.5 inches. No special requests, please.

3 nibs for $1.00




4168. Metal Tape Measure.

Segments from a vintage metal tape measure. It is yellow and 3/8th inch wide. You will get one foot (12 inches).

1 foot for 50 cents

sale 3 feet for $1.00




4059. Official Sheriff Badge.

Be an official Deputy Sheriff of ... whatever you want, with these vintage 1960s toy metal badges. 3.25 inches wide.

$1.50 each

sale $1.00 each




3660. Vintage Brass Stencils.

Vintage brass stencils are pretty nifty. You may get letters or numbers. You may request certain letters or numbers but some may not be available in all sizes, so please give alternates or letters/numbers will be drawn at random. Some may have paint or other marks on them.

small (2.25-3 inches) $1.50

medium (3-4 inches) $2.00
large (5 inches) $3.00




3899. Brass Spinners.

Brass game spinners with a center hole. 7/8th inch long.

4 spinners for $1.00





3302. Vintage Buckles.

Vintage metal buckles in a variety of shapes and colors. The sizes range from about 3/4th inch to 2 inches wide. You will get an assortment.

3 buckles for $1.00 SOLD OUT




3492. Enamel Buckles.

These buckles have a little added touch of color. Each art deco-style buckle has colored enamel details. Patterns and colors vary. The sizes range from about 3/4-1 inch or so. Metal may be gold or silver.

$1.00 each




011.   Vintage Keys.

Just old keys! What more is there to say?
5 keys for $1.00




2070. Small Keys.

These keys are too precious for words. Well, maybe a few words. How about: around 1 inch usually, some are smaller, mostly from small padlocks and such. That's more than a few. Oh well.

5 small keys for $1.00

sale 10 keys for $1.00




022.  Vintage Bottle Caps.

These are great! They are new old stock (vintage but never used) bottlecaps from different sodas.

Green cap at upper left is sold out, you will get an assortment of the other 4.

10 caps for $1.00




3771. Cork-Lined Bottlecaps.

"Home Use Crown" bottlecaps were made for home brewers. These are cork lined and all look the same.

6 bottlecaps for $1.00




3593. Metal Bangles.

Fun Indian bangles in bright colors. These are metal with gold accents and come in 12 different colors. 2.5 inches wide. Check the list below for what is available.

50 cents each

sale 25 cents each




4171. Metal Frida Ornament.

Handmade tin Frida Kahlo ornament. These are handmade in Mexico. 5 inches high.

$9.50 each

sale $5.00




2559. Tin Virgin Mary Ornament.

Handmade in Peru, these Virgin Mary Ornaments are made from tin. 5 inches high.

$3.25 each

sale $2.25



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