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Step Into the Flea Market at Manto Fev!

On the following pages you will find one-of-a-kind special items.

Just like at the real flea market, there is only ONE of each item available unless otherwise noted.

All clothing items sold herein are sold for fabric re-use purposes only, and may or may not be suitable for wearing. Jewelry is sold as a craft supply and may or may not be wearable.

Please be aware that the nature of these items is such that they may sell out quickly. If you order something that has already been sold, I will remove it from your order. I appreciate your understanding.

If there is a item number and an "add to cart" button, but no photo or title, that item is sold out, so watch that space for a new item soon!

I add more items often as other things sell, so check back often for new and special finds!



While I do my best to update the site quickly, all items in this section are subject to prior sale.


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