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Ephemera page 2, vintage trading stamps, store pieces, and handwritten items

020. Vintage Redemption Stamps. 

Once upon a time, these stamps were redeemable for fabulous merchandise. Now they just make great art supplies. You will get the following:

-one large page (5 by 6 inches) full of stamps (shown at right),
-a second page, size will vary and may or may not have stamps (examples left and middle),
-a variety of loose stamps (bottom).

Stamps will vary from those shown.

$1.00 for 2 pages and loose stamps




4818. Friedman Coupons.

Vintage coupons from the 1910s to be used at Friedman and Company store. Coupons are different colors and measure 2.625 by 1 inch.

8 coupons for $1.00




4797. Cab Coupons.

Small paper tickets with a vintage look. 2 by .875 inches. You get an assortment of 4 colors.

20 tickets for $1.00




4624. Store Coupons.

Vintage profit sharing coupons from vintage stores in fun colors. Some are from grocery stores and some are from cigar stores. They range in size from 4-4.75 inches long, colors and images vary.

5 coupons for $1.00




4582. Borden Coupons.

Vintage coupons that one would cut out and save to redeem for premiums. The layouts vary slightly but all of them have images of the types of gifts you could receive. About 3.5 inches high, some are cut a bit raggedy.

6 coupons for $1.00




3538. Borax Label Coupon.

Vintage coupons from Borax soap labels. Each is about 4 inches long.

8 for $1.00




4639. Black and White Store Tags.

Vintage store price tags in bold black and white. Tags are 1.875 by 7/8th inch.

12 tags for $1.00




2066. Ben Franklin Store Tags.

Vintage tags from a Ben Franklin general store. Some have shoe or clothing sizes on them, some have prices, etc. 2.875 by .875 inches. You will get all different tags.

15 tags for $1.00




2680. Western's Price Signs.

Vintage price signs from a store called Western's. Prices vary, each is 2.5 by 2.875 inches. Some are worn.

10 signs for $1.00




2069. Lot Size Price Tags.

Darling little vintage store price tags. 1 by .75 inches, with space to write the lot, size and price of the item.

10 tags for $1.00





3352. Milk Caps.

At some point in the not-so-distant past, milk used to be fancy. The tops of the bottles were capped with awesome little pieces of art that advertised the dairy of origin. Milk is so boring now in comparison. But at least you can buy these and pretend. Wide variety of images, more than shown. You'll get an assortment, some are other types of drinks or little ads. Sizes range from about 1-2 inches.

3 caps for $1.00




4725. Handwritten Railway Papers.

Antique handwritten papers from the Norfolk & Western Railway Co. These are from the early 1900s.

These are about 8.25 by 5.5 inches.

3 papers for $1.00




5035. Vintage Rent Receipts.

Carbon copy of rent receipts from 1944. Neat vintage fonts. 7.25 by 3 inches.

4 receipts for $1.00




3798. Assorted Vintage Receipts.

If you like money, products, handwriting, names of companies, and paper, than this is the product for you! A wide variety of paper receipts. Sizes range between about 5 and 9 inches high. You will get an assortment.

6 receipts for $1.00




3549. Antique Papers.

Wide variety of antique papers, mostly from the 1890's. They are bills, invoices, letters from banks, etc. They all have awesome old handwriting and lettering. Sizes vary, but the average size is about 6 by 9 inches. Some are bigger or smaller!

$1.00 per sheet




066.  Ledger Pages.

Fun handwritten text fill these vintage ledger pages. If you like lists of names and numbers, these are just right for you. Sizes vary, may be sent folded.

$1.00 per ledger page



5016. Daily Ledger Pages.

Daily statement of business pages from a car repair shop. Page dates range from the 1920-40's. Some are written in pen and some in pencil. One side is columns of figures, the other breaks down assortment business transactions. 10.5 by 8 inches.

2 pages for $1.50




5130. Blank Ledger Pages.

Vintage blank ledger pages, lined for all of your ledgering needs. 4 holes on the left side and they are 10.375 by 7.5 inches.

8 pages for $1.00



2822. Vintage Prescriptions.

Vintage handwritten prescriptions from the 1930-1950's. 5 by 4 inches. We wouldn't suggest trying to fill these at your pharmacy. You might end up in jail. White and colored paper.

8 prescriptions for $1.00




3996. Yellow Checks.

Nice yellow-orange checks from the 1950s. 8.25 by 3 inches.

6 checks for $1.00




3544. Pink Checks.

Vintage cancelled checks from the 1910's. These are a very pretty pink color(darker than they look here) and each has neat handwriting, stamps, punches etc. 8 by 3.25 inches.

6 checks for $1.00




3587. Handwritten Recipes.

Vintage handwritten recipes for a wide variety of dishes. These are all written by hand on small index cards. You will get a variety.

5 pieces for $1.00




4993. Greek Letters.

These are handwritten letters in Greek from the late the 1950s to the early 1960s. The length of the letters varies, but you will get at least one page and a neat airmail envelope.

$1.00 per letter




3890. Vintage Letters.

Vintage letters and envelopes. All of these are in their original envelopes. Length of letter, type of envelope, addresses and level of interesting subject matter will vary. The lot we have right now are mostly from the 1950-60s and are addressed to one family.

$2.00 each

sale $1.50 each




4166. Envelopes.

Envelopes only. Just envelopes! Envelopes galore! Say it how you will. These range in age from the 1940s-1980s. You will get an assortment. Some are typed, some have a little clear window, etc.

8 envelopes for $1.00



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