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Ephemera page 1, items from around the world



019. Postage Stamps.

Here are little packets of worldwide (US and non-US) stamps for your collages and projects. You can get them in a general packet with a variety of topics, or in a number of different topical packets as shown in the option box below. No special requests, please.

Czech stamps are an option in the box. These are our favorite stamps, they are all really pretty.

$1.00 per packet, check the box below for how many you get in each packet




4997. Postage Stamps on Paper.

At some point, most stamps are stuck to some paper and mailed off around the world. These stamps are still on their little paper raft. You will get US and non-US stamps mixed together, and some pieces will have more than one stamp on them. The neat thing about stamps on paper is that a lot of them have cool cancellations on them. You will get 40 pieces with at least 40 (but probably more) total stamps.

40 pieces for $1.00




3582. Souvenir Sheets.

These are postal souvenir sheets. They are small sheets, issued by countries to commemorate an event or subject. They have a stamp or image of a stamp on them, with a decorated background. The themes vary, from space to animals, people or nature. Size ranges from 2-5 inches about. These are fun for collage. You will get an assortment; no special requests, please.

4 for $1.00

sale 6 sheets for $1.00




4922. Bai To Tom Cards.

Asian game cards, 3.75 inches high.

8 cards for $1.00




4902. Loteria Cards.

Mexican bingo game cards. You get one large sheet (5.25 by 8.375 inches) and eight smaller cards (2.375 by 3.75 inches. The images on both will vary!

1 set (1 large, 8 small) for $1.50




4692. Hindu Postcards.

New postcards imported from India. These feature bright images of Hindu gods and other important figures. 6.125 by 4.25 inches.

2 different cards for $1.00





3804. Joss Paper Pack.

You will get an assortment of 10 different Chinese joss papers. Colors, sizes and images vary, some of what we have are shown. These are printed on thin paper and are great for collage.

10 pieces for $3.00




4832. Joss Paper Dress.

Chinese joss paper dress or coat. Thin printed paper, 29 inches high. These will be sent folded.

$2.00 each




4063. Hell Money.

Chinese traditional Hell money is great for collage. Sizes range from 6-7.5 inches and images may vary. You will get an assortment of 10. Please don't try to shop with these, you may get kicked out of the store.

10 pieces for $1.00




4194. Chinese Paper Coupons.

These are neat paper coupons from China for things like rice or oil. They look like little paper money and have nice engravings and text. You will get an assortment. Sizes range from about 3 to 3.5 inches long.

6 different coupons for $1.00

sale 8 coupons for $1.00




3217. Money Envelopes.

Set of 5 different Chinese money envelopes. 2.75 by 4.375 inches, you get one of each style.

5 for $1.00

sale 6 for $1.00




4138. Lady Face Sheet.

15 by 19 inch sheets, most of which is covered with these little cut-out faces.

$2.00 per sheet



416. Decorated Joss Papers.

Three different sizes, they all look like the picture on the left. 4.5 by 5.25, 4.875 by 5.625, and 5.5 by 6.125 inches. All have gold leaf, plus orange and red printed patterns. You will get two of each size.

6 sheets for $1.00



415. Yellow and Red Chinese Joss Paper.

These are made with a thin yellow paper and have red circular writing printed on them. 4.75 inches across.

6 sheets for $1.00




2855. Chinese Papercuts.

We love these so much, we imported them from China just for you! Each of these is hand cut and colored. They are made from delicate tissue paper, but the colors and details are amazing. They would be lovely framed, attached to a card or used in collage.

Check the list below for the available themes. Each style has all different designs, so the papercut you get will vary from the one shown. The sizes range, most are about 3.5- 4 inches high.

85 cents each




3090. Mah Jong Cards.

New playing cards with images from the Chinese game Mah Jong on them. Each card is 1.625 by 3.375 inches.

4 cards for $1.00

sale 8 cards for $1.00



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