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Charms page 4, hearts and other basic shapes



4949. Heart.

Silver plated heart charm with old fashioned flowers. 3/4th inch high.

2 charms for $1.50




4928. Cream Hearts.

Simple acrylic heart charms, cream colored. 1/2 inch high.

10 charms for $1.00




4946. Open Heart.

Brass colored metal heart with openings. A bit over 1.125 inches high.

3 charms for $1.00




4892. Heart with Spinner Charm.

Antique brass colored metal heart charm with an embossed spinner (it does not spin) pointing to yes! A bit under 7/8th inch high.

3 charms for $1.10




4864. Tiny Flame on a Heart Charm.

Silver metal heart charm with a tiny flame at the top. 1 inch high, including the loop.

$1.00 each




4834. Porcelain Hearts.

Pretty porcelain heart charms in a red or green finish. About 3/4th inch high.

70 cents each




4826. Black Heart Connector Charms.

These charms have a lot of describing words: frames, black, hearts, connectors, metal. 1.25 inches high.

2 hearts for $1.00




4820. Glass Heart Charms.

Set of 3 glass heart charms with metal loops. You get one large (about 1.5 inches high) and two small (about 1 inch high). Some have small chips.

$2.00 per set of 3





4739. Flying Heart Charm.

Silver metal flying heart charm. It is double-sided. About 1.25 inches long.

2 charms for $1.00




4610. Plastic Heart Charms.

Hard plastic charms, frosted and clear with a feathery pattern. There are 1.25 inches across.

Only one left.

$1.50 each

sale $1.00 each




4542. Scroll Heart.

Large lightweight metal heart charms, matte silver with a scroll pattern. They are 1.25 inches high.

$2.50 each charm

sale $1.75 each




4522. Metal Heart Lockets.

Small heart locket charms with tiny flowers on the front. What else do we need in a locket? 1/2 inch high, which includes the loop. Small!

$1.30 each




4823. Small Heart Lockets.

Small metal heart lockets in two colors, antique brass or antique pewter. 1/2 inch high, including the loop.

Brass sold out.

2 lockets for $1.00




4888. Heart and Flower Lockets.

Metal lockets in two colors, antique brass and silver. These are decorated with a heart and a flower. 5/8th inch high, including the loop.

2 lockets for $1.00




4374. Envelope with Heart.

Cute double-sided charm, the front has a heart in an envelope, the back says "with love". Silver metal, 3/4th inch high.

$1.50 each




4321. Heart with Arrow.

Vintage style silver metal heart with arrow. 1/2 inch high.

95 cents each

sale 70 cents each




3796. Metal Heart.

Lightweight metal charm with a lacy pattern. 7/8th inch high.

8 hearts for $1.00

sale 16 charms for $1.00




1012. ABC Heart Charms.

Lovely little silver plate heart charms, 3/8ths high high loop. Sold by the letter. Many are sold out, check list below for what is available.

75 cents each

sale 30 cents each





4617. Small Brass heart with Clover.

Smaller brass heart charms with a clover and a flower. 5/8th inch high.

4 charms for $1.00




4221. Gold Hearts.

Gold plate heart charms with "beaded" edges. A smidge over 1/2 inch wide.

5 charms for $1.10

sale 10 charms for $1.10




3560. Good Luck with Clover.

Vintage-style good luck charms in brass or silver plate. 5/8th inch wide.

brass 45 cents each
silver sold out

sale 3 charms for $1.00




4407. Colorful Hearts.

These vintage hearts are very fun! Our best guess is that they are copper and enamel. They have a small flower on the front. 3/8th inch high. You will get one each of green, blue and yellow.

3 for $1.25

sale 3 for 75 cents




4917. Larger Colorful Hearts.

More enamel hearts in a slightly larger size (1/2 inch high). You will get one of each color (peach, green, red, and yellow).

4 hearts for $1.00



4430. Double Hearts.

Vintage decorations, enamel on copper. 1/2 inch long.

2 for $1.00

sale 6 charms for $1.00



4955. Art Deco Hexagon.

Pretty silver plated hexagon charm with an Art Deco design. A bit over 3/4th inch wide.

2 charms for $1.50




4956. Acrylic Rings.

Simple acrylic rings in dark turquoise. 13/16th inch.

6 rings for $1.00




2974. Bone Star Embellishments.

Pretty carved star embellishments. They have six holes, one in the center and one on each point. Each is about 3/4th inch wide.

Brown sold out.

45 cents each

sale 4 for $1.00




4933. Grey Metal Squares.

Open metal squares in a silvery grey color. A bit over 3/4th of an inch.

4 squares for $1.00




4593. Vintage Deco Diamonds.

Neat red plastic decorative pieces. They have two sets of holes on the sides. These are vintage, not new, so some aren't in perfect condition. About 1.25 inches high.

$1.00 each

sale 75 cents each



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