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Beads page 2, natural materials


4903. Magnesite Strands.

16 inch strands of green-turquoise colored magnesite beads. They are a trapezoid shape with a nice rustic look when strung. Colors vary from bead to bead but they have a pretty, earthy look.

Only one left.

$1.25 per strand




4816. Assorted Coral Beads.

Small coral beads in assorted shapes. Red and white color. You get a 2 by 2 inch bag, which is the amount shown in the photo. It weighs about 1 ounce.

$1.50 per bag




4838. Red Coral Strands.

Bright red coral strands. These beads are a tube shape. You get a 7 inch strand of beads.

$2.00 per strand




4901. Green Coral Strands.

Pretty emerald green coral bead strands. Strands are 16 inches long.

$2.50 per strand




3417. White Coral Branch.

Natural coral branches. These are top-drilled, with the holes going from side to side. Sizes range, most about 1-1.75 inches.

75 cents each

sale 40 cents each




4664. Agate Rondelle Beads.

Pretty agate beads with a matte crackle finish. These are dyed and about 5/8th inch wide. Really unique and pretty!

60 cents per bead

sale 50 cents each




4670. Brown Bone Beads.

Round bone beads or embellishments of some sort ... These kind of defy classification! About 3/4th inch across, with two holes.

65 cents each

sale 50 cents each




4648. Red Jade Beads.

Pretty dyed red jade beads with a carved pattern. The colors vary from bead to bead. About 3/4th inch high.

$1.00 per bead




4288. Antiqued Jade Beads.

1/2 inch, carved jade beads. Colors are in the brown range but they do vary.

50 cents per bead

sale 3 beads for $1.00




4176. Magnesite Teardrops.

Simple magnesite teardrop-shaped drops. 7/8-1 inch high. White with brown or grey speckles.

3 for $1.00

sale 5 for $1.00




4631. Pointy Shell Beads.

Pretty brown shells have been drilled with holes to make them into beads. Sizes vary a little bit, most about 3/4th to 1 inch high.

6 beads for $1.00



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